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By: Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Mike Millmore, Adrian Thornhill / Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall / Date Puplished: 2-12-2013, 04:04

Strategic Human Resource ManagementThis key textbook will become core reading for students studying a module on Human Resource Strategy at upper level Uundergraduate, MBA and Masters level. The author team have proved successful with students and academics alike with their market leading Research Methods for Business Students and, more recently, Employee Relations. As people and their capabilities are core to an organisations` competitive advantage, the planning and implementing of strategies including the human resource becomes a focus of all managers in a business. This new text successfully integrates HR strategy with the overall business strategy, examining both how the HR function contributes to, and is affected by that strategy. A true teaching and learning resource, the book combines cutting edge coverage of issues such as performance management and measurement, strategic reward systems, the learning organisation and managing knowledge for strategic advantage, with a wealth of examples, self-assessment exercises and encouragement to critique.

About The Author

Adrian Thornhill, Phil Lewis and Mike Millmore all work in the HR department at University of Gloucestershire. Mark Saunders is Professor of Research Methods in the Business School at Oxford Brookes University.

Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1 %26#150- Strategy and Human Resource Management

Chapter 2 - Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM): a vital piece in the jigsaw of organisational success?

Chapter 3 %26#150- SHRM in a changing and shrinking world: internationalisation of business and the role of SHRM.

Chapter 4 -%26nbsp-Evaluating Strategic Human Resource Management: why bother and does it really happen in practice?

Chapter 5 %26#150- The role of organisational structure in SRHM: the basis for effectiveness?

Chapter 6 -%26nbsp-Relationships between Culture and Strategic Human Resource Management: do values have consequences?

Chapter 7 - Strategic Human Resource Planning %26#150- the weakest link?

Chapter 8 - Strategic Recruitment %26amp- Selection: much ado about nothing?

Chapter 9 - Performance Management: so much more than annual appraisal

Chapter 10 - Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD): pot of gold or chasing rainbows?

Chapter 11 - Strategic Reward Management: Cinderella is on her way to the ball

Chapter 12 - Managing the Employment Relationship: Strategic Rhetoric and Operational Reality

Chapter 13 -%26nbsp-Diversity Management: concern for legislation, concern for strategy?

Chapter 14 - Downsizing: proactive strategy or reactive workforce reduction?


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