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By: Mike Green / Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd / Date Puplished: 25-11-2013, 09:34

Change Management MasterclassChange management, handled badly, can create enormous problems for business. A recent McKinsey survey suggested that only 6 per cent of change management projects are completed successfully, with the process of change causing feelings of anxiety and confusion in the changing organization. There is obviously a great need for support during any transition. "Change Management Masterclass" explains the whole process in accessible terms. It looks at why organizations need to change, the different ways change can be approached and what makes a process of change management successful. It analyses the change process in an ordered and structured way to help you understand the concepts and deal with the unexpected problems that arise. Key points are reinforced with case studies from both the public and private sector including Biogen Idec, The British Council and Aster Group. "Change Management Masterclass" provides a model for change will help you to make sense of change management and manage change better in the future. It will also help you to improve your own performance, and that of your organization.

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Mike Green helps both private and public sectors organizations and executives manage and lead change, using a variety of coaching, mentoring and team interventions to support their organizational development. Mike tutors at Henley Management College, UK.

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